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Kamyar started his professional career at the age of 17 in Atlanta, GA. His band Farez, reached a high level of success and is still being heard in Persian parties all around the world. In addition to Farez, Kamyar has started a new project with his brother Payam. The two are determined to make an impact on Persian music,  the way Farez successfully did for years. Payam is a professional song writer, pianist, and lyricist who is joining Kamyar for this unique project and music production. Payam and Kamyar hope that their listeners take the time to not only hear their work but to enjoy their music as well. They would like to thank the following musicians and artists for helping to create the energetic sound of Payam Kamyar: Ramon Abdishoe, Nicholas Nami, Alex Abedi, and Shayan Amiri. These amazing musicians and artists have been with Payam Kamyar from the beginning of this project. They would  also like to extend to you their thanks for your interest, Love, and feedback.

Love and Respect
Payam & Kamyar

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